MIDAS ASW1 Activity 2: Spinning methods snippet (SuperCollider code)

// SPINNING METHODS (07.02.2014) by MIDAS
// http://midas.ioe.ac.uk

// Position the cursor at the end of each of the two lists (after ".choose;") and press CMD + ENTER
// You will get 2 methods from a random choice (shown in the Post window), one from the digital arts, and one from the social sciences.
// Rules of the task:
// 1) Accept/reject it with a rationale
// 2) Apply to a concrete example
// 3) Explore benefits or lack of them, and how that changes the research questions


// CCDP: Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance (Brunel University)
// FDS: Fashion Digital Studio (University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion)
// IED: Information Experience Design Programme (Royal College of Arts)

["practice-based research (CCDP)", "artistic and critical analysis (CCDP)", "ethnography (CCDP)", "philosophical methods (CCDP)", "material culture methods (CCDP)", "audience studies (CCDP)", "bio signal performance (CCDP)", "digital critical performance (CCDP)", "sound walks (CCDP)", "historical analysis/review (CCDP)", "re-appropriation as a method (CCDP)", "devising methods (CCDP)", "participatory methods (CCDP)", "physical theatre (CCDP)", "test-runs (CCDP)", "writing with the voice (CCDP)", "design methods (FDS)", "critical design methods (FDS)/critical fashion design practice (FDS)", "critical making (FDS)", "speculative design (FDS)", "associative design (FDS)", "performance (FDS)", "design activism (FDS)", "user centred design and usability studies (FDS)", "participatory design (FDS)", "sensory ethnography (FDS)", "interaction evaluation (FDS)", "rapid prototyping (FDS)", "3D (modeling-scanning-printing) (FDS)", "visual research methods (FDS)", "multimodality (FDS)", "taxonomies (FDS)", "visual ethnography (IED)", "digital curation (IED)", "visualisation (2D/3D) (IED)", "cultural probes (IED)", "experience prototyping (IED)", "practice-based research (IED)", "hacking, making and breaking (IED)", "critical design (IED)", "audience studies (IED)", "sensory ethnography (IED)", "multimodal analysis (IED)", "spatial analysis (IED)", "ethnography (IED)", "journalism (IED)", "quantitative analysis (IED)", "qualitative analysis (IED)", "rapid prototyping (IED)", "smell walks (IED)", "questionnaires (IED)", "taxonomies (IED)"].choose;


// IOE_: psych VL: Cognition, Genes & Developmental Variability Lab (CoGDeV Lab)
// LKL: mode: Multimodal Methodologies
// LKL: dig simul: Digital Simulation (e.g. Operating Theatre)

["controlled experimental tests (IOE_: psych VL)", "pre experiment tests (IOE_: psych VL)", "observation (IOE_: psych VL)", "visualisation (2D e.g. histograms, boxplots) (IOE_: psych VL)", "comparative analysis (IOE_: psych VL)", "survey/questionnaires (IOE_: psych VL)", "statistical analysis (IOE_: psych VL)", "participant drawing (IOE_: psych VL),interactional analysis (LKL: mode)", "observation (LKL: mode)", "video based research (LKL: mode)", "participant drawing (LKL: mode)", "quai-experimental techniques (e.g. reverse design) (LKL: mode)", "ethnography (LKL: mode)", "talk alouds (LKL: mode)", "video analysis (LKL: mode)", "video data capture methods (LKL: mode)", "iterative design (LKL: mode)", "experimental design (e.g. pre and post exploration) (LKL: mode)", "interviews (LKL: mode)", "visual methods (e.g. visual maps, concept maps) (LKL: mode)", "GPS tracking prompts (LKL: mode)", "psychological measures (e.g. emotion cards) (LKL: mode)", "quantitative analysis (LKL: mode)", "qualitative analysis (LKL: mode)", "multimodality (LKL: mode)", "ethnomethodology (LKL: dig simul)", "content analysis (LKL: dig simul)", "multimodality (LKL: dig simul)", "social interaction (LKL: dig simul)"].choose