These podcasts include conversations with experts in the field about how they conceptualise Body, Digital, and Methods in their work. Also:


Listen to Eva Hornecker

Eva Hornecker is Professor of HCI at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in Germany, chairing the Human Computer Interaction group in the Computer Science and Media degree program, in the Faculty of Media. Her research interests are the design and user experience of ‘beyond the desktop’ interaction (this includes multitouch surfaces, tangible interaction, whole-body interaction, mobile devices, and physical(ly embedded) computing), support of social/collaborative interactions, and, very generally, the social/societal implications of technology.

Website: http://www.ehornecker.de

Eva Hornecker – Body

Eva Hornecker – Materiality

Eva Hornecker – Technology

Eva Hornecker – Methods



Listen to Sergi Jordà

Sergi Jordà is a senior researcher at the Music Technology Group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, where he directs the Music & Advanced Interaction (MAIn) team, and an Associate Professor in the same university, where he teaches courses in Computer Music, Audio Signal Processing, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), and Interactive Media. His current main research interests are in the confluence of HCI and tangible and musical interaction, in the application of novel interactive techniques in education, and in the possibilities of augmented communication using tabletops and brain computer interfaces.

Website: http://www.dtic.upf.edu/~sergi/

Sergi Jordà – Body

Sergi Jordà – Realtime

Sergi Jordà – Technology

Sergi Jordà – Methods